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  1. I have an Asus U47A laptop with no discrete graphics. I disabled UEFI in the BIOS menu.I created a separate 300Gb partition for Linux and installed Ubuntu 12.04 on that.

    I was also asked to create a separate 1MB BIOS Grub partition before proceeding but I choose to ignore it cause I had the UEFI boot disabled. I installed the bootloader on /dev/sda option.

    Now, after installation, the system just loads Windows 7 and does not show the grub/Ubuntu login screen.

    But, when I start the computer it still logs into Windows and does not show the Grub screen. In the BIOS, the default boot option is still set to Windows. I don’t know how to change its path. Also, in Windows, when I ran ‘bcdedit’, it showed that I was in EFI mode. How can this be possible since I already disabled UEFI mode? Also, can you tell me how to get Ubuntu to dual boot with Windows 7 as I am not able to see the grub/Ubuntu log in screen when I restart the system. Is the possible solution to all this enabling UEFI and installing Ubuntu with UEFI enabled?

    Looking forward to your positive response.



  2. Hi man,
    First of all thanks for the guide. But , I would like to add something. You forgot to mention that just deleting all the partitions won’t do the trick as the Gpt data because of the previous Windows installed in uefi mode will be still left behind. You have to remove that Gpt data forcefully or else Ubuntu won’t recognize your windows partition. Apart from that, everything else works like a charm.

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